Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader (MacOS) Full Free Download 2023

By | July 29, 2023

Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader (MacOS) Full Free Download 2023

Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader (MacOS) Full Free Download 2023


Effective data management and extraction are crucial for many tasks in the fast-paced digital world of today. Dealing with Plist files is one such chore that Mac users frequently perform. Property List files, or Plist files, are used by MacOS to hold configuration information and settings. For a variety of reasons, it’s essential to extract useful information from these files; this is where the “Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader” comes into action.


Analysis of list files is necessary for software reverse engineering, forensic investigations, speed optimization, and debugging. By examining past data, developers may identify and address issues, accelerate apps, and provide the best user experiences. Plist files hold crucial data that forensic investigators can draw from to strengthen their cases and gather crucial information about app behavior.


Integrating Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader into your workflow has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Time Savings: The automatic extraction and parsing process saves you a lot of time when compared to manual alternatives.
  • The tool’s user-friendly UI ensures a seamless user experience regardless of your level of expertise.
  • The thorough data extraction process used by Hermes Tool makes sure that no information is missed and that all relevant data is extracted.
  • Advanced analytical skills: You can identify previously unknown linkages and patterns in the plist data using the tool’s powerful analysis tools.
  • Flexible Output Options: Data may be exported in several formats, making it easy to share findings and work with other analytical tools.

Key Features:

easy to use interface:

  • Hermes Tool may be used by both inexperienced users and seasoned professionals because of its user-friendly UI. You don’t need to be a proficient coder or forensic analyst to use the tool effectively.

Automatic Plist Parsing:

  • Hermes Tool can automatically parse plist files without the need for manual extraction or conversion. This automated process will greatly speed up your productivity, allowing you to focus on analysis rather than file manipulation.

Extraction of Detailed Data:

  • The application can extract data from a variety of list file types as well as binary and XML formats. It captures all relevant information, including keys, values, nested structures, and arrays, ensuring that no crucial information is overlooked.
  • It is simpler to find certain data within large plist files because of Hermes Tool’s robust filtering and search capabilities. Applying filters based on key names, values, data kinds, and other criteria will make it easier for you to find the information you need.

Choices for Personalised Output:

  • The application allows you to export the retrieved list data in several formats, including JSON, CSV, and plain text. This versatility ensures compatibility with different analysis tools and facilitates communicating findings to colleagues or clients.

How to Download and Install Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader (MacOS)

Step 1: Access the download link

To get started with Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader, head over to the official website or the authorized download platform.

Step 2: Download the software

Click on the download link, and the software will be saved to your designated download folder.

Step 3: Install on MacOS

Locate the downloaded file, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your MacOS device. The installation process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes.

Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader User Guide

Opening the application

Once the installation is complete, locate Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader in your Applications folder, and launch the application.

Loading a Plist file

Click on the “Open” button within the application, and browse your file system to select the desired Plist file.

Navigating the interface

The application’s interface is designed to be user-friendly. Familiarize yourself with the different sections, such as data categories and filters.

Analyzing Plist data

With the Plist file loaded, Hermes Tool Auto Plist Reader will automatically analyze the data and present it in a readable format.

Exporting data

If you need to export specific data, simply select the desired entries and use the export feature to save the information in a preferred format.


It has completely changed how iOS developers and forensic investigators extract and analyze data from Plist files. Due to its user-friendly interface, automated parsing, and powerful analytical tools, it is a crucial tool for workflow optimization and obtaining meaningful data. By using the Hermes Tool, professionals may gain time back, work more efficiently, and unlock the hidden potential of list data.

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