ROM2Box V3.4 Latest All In One Unlock Tool Free Download

By | October 11, 2023

ROM2Box V3.4 Latest All-In-One Unlock Tool Free Download

ROM2Box V3.4 Latest All In One Unlock Tool Free Download

The ROM2Box V3.4 Latest All In One Unlock Tool makes unlocking your devices’ full capabilities easier than ever. In this essay, we’ll look at the benefits and characteristics of this amazing tool that has stunned the tech sector.

In a world where technology is advancing at an unmatched rate, our devices are becoming more sophisticated. But often, only a small part of their potential is actually used. In this case, the ROM2Box V3.4 Latest All In One Unlock Tool is helpful.

What is ROM2Box V3.4?

A revolutionary unlocking program called ROM2Box V3.4 was created to give consumers the means to quickly and easily unlock their devices’ full potential. This tool provides a complete solution regardless of whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device.


  • MTK Auth Bypass: ROM2box offers a passing method for authenticating MTK devices and supports MTK gadgets.
  • MTK FRP bypass: Using ROM2box, it is simple to remove the FRP lock from MTK devices.
  • ROM2box provides a skip method for sample lock on MTK devices. MTK Pattern user lock pass.
  • MTK Flash Single Partition: ROM2box supports flashing MTK devices with a single partition.
  • MTK full flash: To do a full flash on MTK devices, utilize ROM2box.
  • MTK With ROM2box, you may examine the whole firmware and partitions of MTK devices.
  • ROM2box can extract firmware using 7zip and assemble it for the SP device as part of MTK’s preparation of the firmware for the device.
  • MTK bootloader unlocking and relocking is supported by ROM2box for MTK devices.
  • QCOM Read Firmware: ROM2box allows for the analysis of firmware for QCOM products.
  • QCOM flash firmware: To flash the firmware on QCOM devices, utilize ROM2box.
  • QCOM skip FRP: ROM2box offers a method of getting around the FRP lock on QCOM gadgets.
  • QCOM bypass pattern: For QCOM devices, ROM2box offers a pattern lock bypass method.
  • MTK skip Mi account: ROM2box offers a method for getting around the Mi account lock for MTK devices.
  • ROM2box has the ability to repair the IMEI on QCOM devices.
  • MTK SP Flash tool: ROM2box is compatible with MTK devices that use the SP Flash device.
  • Spreadtrum flash: You could easily flash the firmware on Spreadtrum devices using ROM2box.
  • Samsung FRP: Offers a solution for getting around the FRP lock on Samsung gadgets.
  • Samsung Flash: To flash the firmware on Samsung devices, utilize ROM2box.
  • Facilitates the use of Odin on Samsung devices.
  • Offers 4GB of 1,000+ devices for download agents in the form of a download agent bundle.
  • For more than 79 Xiaomi smartphones with QCOM CPUs, ROM2box offers instructions.
  • For more than 25 Vivo smartphones with QCOM processors, ROM2box is offering a tutorial.
  • Offers instructions for 51+ Oppo handsets with QCOM CPUs. Oppo QCOM.
  • Other MTK: ROM2box supports all MTK mobile devices.
  • Offers assistance with the ADB interface.
  • Fastboot Interface: provides fastboot interface assistance.
  • Release of the bootloader: ROM2box offers assistance for unlocking bootloaders using three standard methods and
  • the MTK method.
  • Supports three methods for booting fast boot devices into EDL mode.

Require USB Driver:

  • MTK VCOM Driver
  • SPRD USB driver for COM
  • QCOM’s 9008 USB driver
  • OPPO MTK QCOM Driver
  • Limitations: Drag and Drop is not supported by Command Line Execution.

ROM2Box V3.4 Latest All In One Unlock Tool Free Download

Read MTK Firmware:

  • There are two choices there are 2 options: Read Firmware First, Flash.bin, and the other Partitions.
  • WWR MTK tool requires extracting Flash.bin and dumping the partition instead


  • MTK Client by B.Kerler
  • Platform tools by Google
  • The Android LIB is a product from Regaw@XDA.
  • Unison tools for spreading
  • Compile and GUI using ROMProvider.COM (Source is available via Git)


  • One-click the fast boot unbrick option in the modified fast boot with an enhanced version of an additional advanced EDL Mod.
  • Both UFS and emmc now have a fully working QCOM firmware reader.
  • The option to create the program from scratch is also an option.
  • Design improvements to the console
  • Samsung Added the Next Model Through EDL One Click Safe Format for FRP, Read, Flash, A015, A02s, A115f, A70, J4, J4, M01, M02, and M11
  • Honor included them in the subsequent Model. Read firmware/flash firmware for devices such as the Huawei Mate 50e, Honor 50 Pro, Honor 50 Lite, and Nova 8i, as well as perform tests on the Nova 9, Nova 9 Pro, Nova 10, and Nova 10 Pro.
  • The FRP model now has support from Oppo Realme: Reset the Oppo-A36-PESM10, Oppo-K7-5G-PCLM50, the A77s, the K10 4G, View Flash Reset wipe for test models of the GT-Master-Explorer, Oppo-K10-Vitality-Edition, Oppo-Pad-OPD2101, realme-x50m, and realm-x50 t, as well as the Reno2-5G-CPH1907, Reno-3-vitality, Reno-5G, and Reno-7-5G-PFJM10.
  • For the Zenfone 7 Pro, Zenfone 8, Zenfone 5, ROG 6, ROG 5, ROG 2, ROG3, and Max M2, Asus has introduced support.
  • Lenovo announced support for the K12 Pro and Q706F. Download the free Tool V3.2 Flash Unlock Update Full Tool.
  • Meizu: included Availability of Meizu 18s Pro, 15 Lite, 16, 16th, 16th Plus,
  • Other: Added support X3, X3, X3, and A9


  • Run Install.bat and select “yes” to overwrite files from earlier versions.
  • After flashing Mediatek firmware, users must delete all of their data.
  • Delete every partition in the firmware folder before flashing Oppo/Realme. Be sure to mention “Oppo.”

How To Use?

  • Get the ZIP file by clicking the link below as the first step.
  • You must then delete all files from the disk C: It is absolutely crucial.
  • The folder from which all the files must be extracted must then be opened.
  • Run “ROM2Box.exe” to begin.
  • After that, you’ll need to install all of your current drivers. Skip this step if you don’t.
  • Connect the phone, then try any function.
  • Enjoy !!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is compatible with all devices? A1: Yes,  supports a wide range of devices, ensuring compatibility with various smartphones and tablets.

Q2: Is device rooting required for use? A2: No,  does not require device rooting. It simplifies the unlocking process without the need for complex procedures.

Q3: Can I revert the device to its original state after unlocking with? A3: Yes, you can revert your device to its original state if needed. offers a safe and reversible unlocking process.

Q4: Is free to download and use? A4: Yes,  is available for free download, providing users with a cost-effective solution for device unlocking.

Q5: How frequently does receive updates? A5: receives regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest devices and operating systems, keeping users up-to-date with evolving technology.


In conclusion, the Latest All In One Unlock Tool Free Download is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Experience the freedom to choose your carrier, enhance your device’s performance, and explore endless opportunities. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a seamless unlocking experience with.

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